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Sunday Writing Prompt “Adventure”


I have set up a video game style rpg plot below. I want you to collect your team and go on, at least, one quest which will be the bulk of your story  (there are no length restrictions for this particular prompt). Some of you might recognize elements of this from the “A World Apart” series that we did. For that series I created the planet Fallow Farce which is what I used for inspiration in my excerpt. Take as much creative license as you want. I have provided links to the information on Fallow Farce for those who are curious, it is not required that you read and/or use the information from the links though you are welcome to do so if it inspires you.

This links you to info about the planet/environment


This is a link to the sentient races found on the planet


And this is a link to places of interest on the planet


The Chirping Violent had a lively but oddly vacant atmosphere, as if the residents were only 1/2 there. There were 4 distinct groups of patrons. The first group could be designated Revelry. They’d come to the tavern for the purpose of getting drunk and having a good time. The second group could be designated Travelers. These poor sods looked utterly obliterated, barbecued, shell-shocked, knackered beyond the point of reconciliation. The third group could be designated Adventurers. A curious lot to be certain for despite the dents, bruises, and sand wafting from their bodies and crammed discreetly into all of their orifices they looked positively radiant. Even those barely able to sit, full weight on chair, looked blissful, lackadaisical as if all was right with the multiverse. The final group could be designated Regulars. Most of which were Void enjoying a pint in their downtime. There was nothing conclusive about them on the whole other than they seemed familiar with their environment and its inner workings.

The  tavern was set deep into the earth,  into the labyrinthine caves that comprised Bodhi. The temperature inside was 60/15 degrees. There were no lights as such just an oddly pervasive purple glow. The overall vibe of the joint was jovial, the wait staff were quick to attend to spills and the like so for a tavern it was exceptionally clean. The lack of electronics and other modernities gave the space a rustic vibe. No pains had been made to disguise the fact that they were underground; the walls were of solid rock and cold to the touch. The furnishings were in stone, bone, and animal skin. There was a tribal mural on one wall depicting a very large tree, a tree with a presence very much like Yggdrasil. The detail of the piece was mind blowing for The Hero could clearly see the textures and veining of every leaf and they thought that if they were to run their hands over the image they would feel the rough bark beneath their fingertips. More astonishing was that the tree seemed to move, its massive canopy fluttering under an intermittent and moderate breeze.

The Hero was wearing long silk robes, similar to a Hanfu, in dark blue with cornflower blue trim. The fabric had no discernible weight and it flowed like water as they maneuvered through the crowd. At their side was a small satchel. On their feet black cloth boots also of a Chinese design. (the adventurers’ weapons will not appear until they outside of the tavern)

The Hero didn’t know if it was night or day having arrived at the entrance and only just. They didn’t recognize any of the species in the bar and there was no face which struck them as being familiar and yet they were certain that they had come here in search of a team. 3 individuals that they felt certain they would recognize on sight. Teams were comprised of a Warrior, a Rogue, a Shaman, and a Mage.  The Hero headed toward the bar its prominence making it a suitable meeting spot. The stain glass motif on the front, featuring a large colorful bird, was particularly striking. They took a seat with a childish hop, their feet dangling above the foot rest by several inches.

The bartender’s name tag read “Nahlas” which The Hero felt suited the figure before him. Nahlas had lavender skin dusted with silvery scales and purple markor-style horns with intricate silver etchings. Nahlas’ head was shaved on the right side and on the left the bartender had loose, snow white curls, curls which appeared soft and springy. Nahlas had lilac eyes and a lip ring centered in the middle of a perfect pout. Void had 3 genders male, female, and hermaphrodite. Nahlas was a hermaphrodite. “We don’t get many humans here.” The bartender commented in a friendly manner, their voice smooth and pleasing to the ear. The Hero was not certain what language the bartender spoke but they understood them perfectly. The demon seemed of the friendly type and had a posture which was open and welcoming. The Hero liked them at once. The bartender slid a pint of something in the Hero’s direction. The Hero reached into their satchel hoping to find some currency but there was nothing other than a rolled up map. The map looked to have been drawn by a small child but it struck them as being useful nevertheless.

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