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Tale Weaver – #236 – 15th August – Over the Back Fence


It was Robert Frost in “Mending Wall” who said: ‘Good fences make good neighbours’ and as I well know, how true that is.

This week consider the notion of what we see over our back fences. If you live in a apartment on the upper floors your back fence might be the boundary of your place.

Write about your back fence or boundary.

It can be specific, it can be metaphorical, or you make up what you’d like to see over your back fence.

Write your responses and link them using the linking tool below. Have fun.

15 comments on “Tale Weaver – #236 – 15th August – Over the Back Fence

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  5. Jules
    August 15, 2019

    Making due with the prompts to continue a series with: Faire de bonnes

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  11. Lorraine
    August 26, 2019

    Your prompt reminded me of short film by Norman McLaren.
    I’ve been away, so I’m just getting around to sharing it.

    • Michael
      August 26, 2019

      Hello Lorraine, good to see you again.

      • Lorraine
        August 27, 2019

        I’ve been away from the computer (even took a second vacation). I saw your prompt and co-incidentally, I had been thinking of Norma McLaren’s unique animation.

      • Lorraine
        August 27, 2019

        oops, Norman, not Norma, McLaren . . .

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