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Wild Wild Life

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Wild Wild Life’ was written by David Byrne for the Talking Heads seventh studio album True Stories and it was released in 1986 as their lead single from this album.  It peaked at #25 on the US Hot Billboard and went to #43 on the UK Singles Chart.  This song may be about doing cocaine and calling that the wild life.  The video, which debuted on MTV won two Video Music Awards in 1987, one for Best Group Video, and one for Best Video From A Film.  True Stories was a film that includes 23 songs directed by David Byrne, related to quirky take on small-town America, set in the folksy, fictional Texas town of Virgil as it ramped up to a sesquicentennial festival the “Celebration of Specialness”.  The village is populated with various oddball characters who all sing whimsical songs that Byrne wrote especially for the film and ‘Wild Wild Life’ is a scene taken from the film.  The characters including David Byrne Talking Heads singer, Chris Frantz the drummer, Jerry Harrison guitarist Tina Weymouth  bassist, Meat Loaf and a young John Goodman who all lip-synch to the music.  It takes place on a club stage at what appears to be a karaoke bar in front of a band and a wall of televisions, while a variety of performers sing the song.  The different performers dress up like Billy Idol, Madonna, Sam Kinison, Bobcat Goldthwait, Jerry Lee Lewis and Prince.

I’m wearin’ a
Fur Pyjamas
I ride a
Hot Potata’
It’s tickling my fancy
Speak up, I can’t hear you

Here on this mountaintop oh oh oh
I got some wild, wild life
I got some news to tell ya oh oh
About some wild, wild life
Here come the doctor in charge oh oh oh
She’s got some wild, wild life
Ain’t that the way you like it oh oh
Living wild, wild life

I wrestle, with your conscience
You wrestle, with your partner
Sittin’ on a window sill
But he spends his time behind closed doors

Check out Mister Businessman oh oh oh
He bought some wild, wild life
On the way to the stock exchange oh oh oh
He got some wild, wild life
Break it up when he opens the door oh oh oh
He’s doin’ wild, wild life
I know that’s the way you like it oh oh
Living wild, wild life

Peace of mind?
Piece of cake!
Thought control!
You get on board anytime you like

Like sittin’ on pins and needles
Things fall apart, it’s scientific

Sleeping on the interstate oh oh oh
Getting wild, wild life
Checkin’ in, checkin’ out! Uh, huh!
I got a wild, wild life
Spending all of my money and time oh oh oh
Done too much wild, wild
We want to go, where we go, where we go oh oh oh
I doing wild, wild life
I know it, that’s how we start oh oh oh
Got some wild, wild life
Take a picture, here in the daylight oh oh
They got some wild, wild life
You’ve grown so tall, you’ve grown so fast oh oh oh
Wild, wild
And I know that’s the way you like it oh, ho!
Living wild wild wild wild, life

The challenge today is to focus on this song and use it for inspiration in any form of creative expression (including but not limited to short stories, a piece of flash fiction, poems, lyrics, artwork, photography, (etc.) that you can share with the writing community.  Alternatively, if you are a musician, and you have played this song solo or in a group, it would be awesome if you could post a video to showcase your own work.  You could write about how you learned to play the chords or how you learned the lyrics.  There is no need to stick with this song, as if you like to write about another Talking Heads song, or another song that features the word wild, that would work.

Something that’s wild lives in nature and isn’t tamed.  An untamed bit of nature, like your overgrown back yard, or a stormy ocean, is also wild.  If a person is wild, he might be unrestrained, crazy, or even enthusiastic, like someone who’s wild about cabaret music.  People may be Wild About Harry, or a ‘Wild Thing’, or a ‘Real Wild Child’, or even ‘Born To Be Wild’.  Comedian Steve Martin is said to be a “Wild and crazy guy” when he appeared on Saturday Night Live.  Wild can also be used to describe someone that is crazy, fun, cool, awesome, awesome or off the hook.  In the late 1990s and early 2000s Girls Gone Wild infomercials were all over late-night television. Wild fun seekers are often associated with drinking alcohol and taking drugs.  I am not exactly sure what wild rice is, but I do know that cats act wild when they are given catnip.  Was there ever really a wild man from Borneo?   I wonder if the full moon actually makes people act wild.  Are spontaneous people predisposed to living on the wild side, that act on impulse more fun to be around, because you never know what they’re going to do next?

If you would like to write about the TV show or the movie Wild, Wild West, that would fit this prompt.  The 1969 American Western, The Wild Bunch which is celebrating its 50th anniversary would also make a perfect topic.  You could also write about a wild night or a wild time that you had.  If you want to write about Billy Idol, Madonna, Sam Kinison, Bobcat Goldthwait, Jerry Lee Lewis or Prince that would be nice.  You could also write about David Byrne and his True Stories film or even about the MTV video if you desire.  If you feel that Kim Jong Un and Vladimir Putin are the new wild men that threaten peace in the world, than you could use that as a topic for your post.

Dylan Hughes has next Friday, August 2 with her First Line Friday and then I will be back on Friday, August 9 with another MM Music Challenge where we will discuss the song ‘Heartbreak Hotel’.  When you are finished writing your post, create a ping back to this post, but you can also place your link in the comments section below if you desire.  This Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie MM Music challenge has a special feature called Mr. Linky, which will allow you to instantly link your post after you click the Mr. Linky Button, and then follow the directions that are given.

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