Sunday Writing Prompt “Wacky and Weird”

Derpy Dog.jpg

First an apology I will not be around for a few days and as I manually approve links it may take a while before you get a response but don’t worry! This week I want to focus on humor. I have been playing the Sims lately and creating families with amusing and unusual backgrounds. A fairly common example of this would be a group of friendly aliens poorly disguised to resemble humans who misunderstand certain aspects of human culture or pets copying human mannerisms and behaviors. I want you to write about your own wacky and weird family factual or fictional (family can also be interpreted as a group of friends, pets, or the local wildlife).


  1. Great prompt!
    My family (and in-laws) are strange, quirky, perhaps some are aliens, eccentric, and wacky (ok, some are outright nutbars), but I think I might, at some point, tell the squirrel’s tail. Always at least one crazy one in the bunch.
    Haven’t played the Sims in years — love your whimsical build concept.
    And, coneheads anyone?


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