Sunday Writing Prompt- “Choose an Antique”

Pick one or more of the 3 objects to write a story or poem about!

I want to apologize for my slowness lately. Some weeks ago I developed, what I thought, was an ear infection with extreme dizziness but it turns out that I have a retracted tympanic membrane (aka part of my ear drum has slipped into my inner ear). It seems to be worse in the ear that wasn’t bothering me! This is a common ailment for infants and small children but not so common in adults (this is not the first time I have developed ailments more common in children what is the deal with that?!). In my case I think it is a result of many factors from bad duct work (I needed an ear operation as a child I never received), chronic childhood ear infections, little ears with small tubes, and chronic year round allergies. Anyhow my hearing has been negatively impacted. It could be temporary hearing loss or permanent I don’t know yet. Right now I am being treated with nasal sprays. If it does not heal by itself it can get extremely nasty and require surgery. At the same time I am suffering from extremely blurry vision (which I think has been caused by the nasal spray) so I am both visually and hearing impaired and I am not coping well with it.


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