HELP WANTED: NEW Music Challenge Prompt Host #MusicChallenge #MLMM

It’s been a great run sharing the music that inspires me with you all these past couple of years, but I have new challenges and projects ahead and that means ‘We NEED a NEW Prompt Host‘ beginning next Thursday Evening/Friday Morning March 1st for #MusicChallenge on MindLoveMisery’s Menagerie!

I’m from Canada and I prepare the post for 6:00 am MST. Follow my current presentation or choose your own style. The prompt is every two weeks and alternates with Dylan’s ‘One Line Tales.’ If interested please COMMENT on this post for the lovely Candice to respond and vet a new prompt host.

Thanks everyone for all your support, participation, and responses! XOXO

West Coast” by Imagine Dragons

“This is not the end, this is not even the beginning of the end, this is just perhaps the end of the beginning.”– Winston Churchill

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  1. Candice, I would be happy to be considered for this. In the past I’ve been writing at, where I participated in some of the menagerie’s prompts. Let me know what you need from me for vetting.

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