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Tale Weaver #208 – Collapse – 31st January


This week consider the notion of collapse. What does it mean to you?

In the physical world it can be the collapse of a building, a structure that can result in injury or could herald the replacement of something to imporove a given situation.

It could also be a spiritual collapse in which one’s beliefs are tested and in some cases destroyed – eg – when members of the flat earth society discovered the earth was in fact round.

So go explore this concept and link your responses, 500 – 600 words, using the linking tool below.

Go have fun.

10 comments on “Tale Weaver #208 – Collapse – 31st January

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  8. Stephanie Colpron
    February 3, 2019

    I haven’t written in a while – too long, but this was inspiring. Thank you for that.

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