Tale Weaver – #204 – All Things Bright and Beautiful – 3th January 2019


This week consider the expression All Things Bright and Beautiful.

What does it mean to you?

Write your response as either poetry or prose and keep your compositions to 500 – 600 words.

Please link your work using the linking tool below.

I look forward to your responses, so go have fun.


  1. […] It was Lou, Ray’s pug wagging his tail. Unable to handle her tears, Ria searched for him. How foolish of her to not recognise Ray’s car? He waved at her smiling but Ria sensed his eyes moistened. “I will ask someone to take your car to garage”, Ray said. “But..” She tried to talk with dying words. Ray stepped forward and asked her “What would be your home without me?”. “A nothing“, she winked. With Ray and Lou, Ria is now sure what home meant. Sitting beside the driver’s seat, “I am now sure I will survive this” Ria said to him. “We will”, Ray smiled kissing her forehead. As their car raced, through the windscreen, she saw everything bright and beautiful. […]


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