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Tale Weaver #203 – Making Sense of Nonsense.

The Daily Mindblower December 27th 2018.

Breaking News:


“Crasis Gasitus seen pictured at the scene of his great discovery.

Many thought it impossible.

Few believed he could pull it off.

Your task is to complete the news story. Let your imagination take you places magical or not.

Please limit your resposnes to 500 – 600 words.

Link your response using the linking tool below.

6 comments on “Tale Weaver #203 – Making Sense of Nonsense.

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  3. Jules
    December 27, 2018

    Just having some fun;
    Hair Raising Discovery

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  6. pensitivity101
    December 30, 2018

    Oh I had a job with this one: still not really happy with it

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