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Tale Weaver #202 – Evening – December 20th


Following on from last week, this week consider the concept of evening.

Some of us are night people, we love to be up late and enjoy the darkness, some of us see it as the time to rest and sleep.

What meaning dos evening have for you?

Do you have a story about the evening?

Your response can be real to life or a piece of fiction.

Please use the linking tool below to link your responses and please limit them to 500 – 600 words.

13 comments on “Tale Weaver #202 – Evening – December 20th

  1. isaiah46ministries
    December 20, 2018

    I liked doing morning, and consider evening a real challenge. Thanks.

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    • Michael
      December 20, 2018

      I look forward to reading your thoughts
      Best wishes for Christmas and the new year 🌲🎅🏻🎉🎊


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  6. Jules
    December 20, 2018

    Some evenings seem longer… 😉
    Recounting the Stars?

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