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Heeding Haiku With Chèvrefeuille, November 28th 2018, long night (yonaga)

Dear friends of MLMM,

As you maybe know one of the classic rules of haiku is the use of a “kigo” (seasonword), a word that points towards the season in which the haiku was created. This week I have chosen a classical kigo for you to work with.

The kigo I have chosen is taken from the section “autumn, the season”, a part of a traditional Saijiki (compilation of seasonwords), long night (yonaga). I think you all will understand that “yonaga” (long night) points towards the nights that are becoming longer during autumn.

Your “task”? Create haiku or haibun with the given classical kigo, no need to use it specifically as the seasonword, but in your haiku or haibun, I can “read” that you are pointing to this kigo through the scene or another synonymous word.

Have fun!

When you have written your haiku, please TAG Heeding Haiku with Chèvrefeuille and Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie. Then add your link to the Mister Linky widget below.


About Chèvrefeuille

I am a Dutch haiku poet. And I am the owner and host of the weblog "Carpe Diem, a daily haiku meme" on Blogger (or Blogspot). I am writing haiku since the late eighties and in 2005 I became an international known haiku poet and in 2011 ten of my haiku were included in a worldwide anthology "Spasms of Light". With that anthology I became an even more known haiku poet. In October 2012 I started my daily haiku meme.

10 comments on “Heeding Haiku With Chèvrefeuille, November 28th 2018, long night (yonaga)

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  3. syncwithdeep
    November 28, 2018

    thanks for the prompt. here is my take

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  5. Jules
    November 28, 2018

    Time moves on:

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  6. Bobby Fairfield
    November 29, 2018

    Feel I have steered you in the right direction at http://bobfairfield.org/?p=4608

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