“The Blind Leading the Blind” by Lisel Mueller

Welcome to the Sunday Writing Prompt!

It’s Pat here, returning to help out while Yves is away – we wish her all the best for her post-op recovery, of course. 

So this week, I’d like to offer you a brilliant poem as your point of inspiration. It’s rich for imagery – subtle and sublime, and I think it’s positively breath-taking for nuances and suggestions. A perfect way to take a break in your day and week, read, enjoy – and then use it as way to inspire your own words. So without further ado –


“The Blind Leading the Blind” by Lisel Mueller

Take my hand. There are two of us in this cave.
The sound you hear is water; you will hear it forever.
The ground you walk on is rock. I have been here before.
People come here to be born, to discover, to kiss,
to dream, and to dig and to kill. Watch for the mud.
Summer blows in with scent of horses and roses;
fall with the sound of sound breaking; winter shoves
its empty sleeve down the dark of your throat.
You will learn toads from diamonds, the fist from palm,
love from the sweat of love, falling from flying.
There are a thousand turnoffs. I have been here before.
Once I fell off a precipice. Once I found gold.
Once I stumbled on murder, the thin parts of a girl.
Walk on, keep walking, there are axes above us.
Watch for the occasional bits and bubbles of light —
Birthdays for you, recognitions: yourself, another.
Watch for the mud. Listen for bells, for beggars.
Something with wings went crazy against my chest once.
There are two of us here. Touch me.


Isn’t this just a superb piece of writing?

So this week, I’m asking you to sit with this poem – and then, take something from it – however you interpret it, whatever speaks through it to you – and create something in your own words. You can also take a specific line or phrase, if it helps get you started – and create — a poem, a short story, a personal reflection piece, artwork etc.

The only limits? Your imaginations and however you’re moved (don’t be intimidated!).  And please, keep your pieces within the limits of 300 words or less. And do not prompt mash up. Treat it as something worthy of savouring on its own, as are your words.

You have a week to complete the challenge/prompt.

Make sure you link up with Mr. Linky and include the tags MLMM and Sunday Writing Prompt in your posts so others can find us and your words easily.

I hope you enjoy!


      • Right now, I’m playing with it — a free write, a white out, and maybe writing to a word list. Maybe I’m post, none or all. I have many unfinished opuses lurking in various files.


      • it’s all good – 🙂

        I think there are several ways to go with this … in fact, all kinds of possibilities, from “light to dark” and everything in between … I too am word-dancing with it, so I’ll see what happens in time …


  1. I just wanted to note: — I’m not sure if I’m receiving notifications properly, for some reason, so if I comment and then you don’t necessarily hear back from me, I’m not being rude …. so in the other time, I’m trying to figure out what’s up with my “notifications” etc. …

    Happy end of the weekend everyone and a wonderful start to the week ahead 🙂


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