Sunday Writing Prompt “Gift”


This time of year is a time of birthdays and celebrations in my household. Thursday was my birthday I turned 38 yikes!

Write about

The most heartfelt gift you have ever received or given. This gift need not be material and it need not have been given on a special occasion. How did you come upon the idea? How did you react or express gratitude? Perhaps you have not even given the gift yet or perhaps it is an ongoing commitment to another person, a gift that keeps giving. Fiction and nonfiction welcome.


  1. Happy Birthday! And, of course, happy 364 unbirthdays! Hope it was a good one.
    Mine was on Tuesday, but I won’t say how old I am — but 38 is definitely in the rear view mirror!
    In my life, the first two weeks of November are full of birthdays. So for now, I don’t have to celebrate just mine alone. That is a wonderous gift to have.

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