Sunday Writing Prompt “Collage Prompt #41”

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The quote “Raise your words, not your voice. It is the rain that grows flowers, not thunder.” Rumi

What is the underlying theme? What’s the story here? The overarching emotions? If you like you can read them like panels in a comic strip it’s up to you how your interpret them. Literal or abstract are both perfectly acceptable. I got out of order with my collage prompts so please let me know if ever you see a repeat!

Now that it is warm we are back to painting the house. We have an escaped hamster in our floor, a hamster who destroyed our new dishwasher (in cold blooded rage I imagine) and who is under the sink preventing me from using the sink because I do not know what damage their might be down there. My husband’s birthday is coming up in three days. Last week I was sick. My daughter is having some issues at school with bullies and taking out her anger on us. So I am distracted and I apologize for that but sometimes life squeezes lemon juice in your wounds.


    • Well we did catch Stella (the hamster). We barricaded the kitchen, ducked taped every possible nook and cranny and then created a one way exit. When we didn’t know where she was we put some of her food on the floor with a circle of flour around it for tracking. She’d always go to the same place in the hallway for the food but it was far from where she was hidden so the tracks never made it. Anyway I went downstairs super early this morning and she was sitting by the barricade in the kitchen door which was preventing her from accessing her usual stash. She looked up at me and just got in my hand so she didn’t make a scene. Some hamsters will ration food and hold out for days on food, not Stella, Stella wants to eat everyday. We think we can we can just buy a new chord for the dishwasher, but I have a mess to clean because we took so much apart to find her.

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  1. My gerbil, Vodka, escaped his cage and made a home for himself by tunneling up through the bottom of the sofa. We weren’t as industrious as you and your husband. We put out piles of sunflower seeds dipped in his namesake — his favourite snack — and waited him out. I left water out too. Eventually, I caught him nibbling, and returned him to captivity. An alcoholic gerbil perhaps? Only later did we discover his hidy-hole.

    Your daughter has my empathy; I am a survivor of school and work place bullying. I wish her well.

    As I wish you well, and the ability to rinse the lemon off your wounds, and salve them with calendula.

    And birthday wishes to your husband; and happy 364 unbirthdays, too.

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    • When reading everything I could find on escaped hamsters I saw one family found their hamster after 2 1/2 years living in the sofa right underneath them all that time and they had even moved twice! Rodents are so industrious. I don’t know about gerbils but hamsters don’t get drunk, they have an insanely high alcohol tolerance. They also enjoy alcohol but don’t get addicted. I haven’t given Stella any but maybe gerbils are similar? Thanks so much for your kind words!


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