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Tale Weaver – #173 – May 31st – Days Of Old


This week weave a tale around something from days of old.

It could be stories about grandparents, the image above does suggest grandmother, though Grandpa had fairly big underwear.

What you remember from as a child in relation to life at the time. (I recall students being amazed by my life when I told them that as a child growing up we had no telephone, no TV and certainly no computers.)

What entertainments do you recall?

How did people communicate?

In what ways did people travel?

You might argue they were the good old days.

So set your memories to recall and go have fun.

Please link your responses using the linking tool below.

15 comments on “Tale Weaver – #173 – May 31st – Days Of Old

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  6. Jules
    May 31, 2018

    Did a bit of poetic prose inspired by my ‘muse’…
    Revolutions Entertained?

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