Wordle #198 #Wordle #MLMM #amwriting

Credit: Candice Daoud

1. Absent

2. Acerbic

3. Nestle

4. Numerous

5. Behavior

6. Deleterious

7. Parched

8. Particular

9. Amass

10. Muted

11. Woebegone

12. Maternal

Use at least 10 of the words to create a story or poem

The words can appear in an alternate form

Use the words in any order that you like.

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    • Hi James. Thank you. I didn’t mean to use it twice. Pensivity 101 found the word ‘woebegone’ so now you have 12 words to work with not only the 11. Cheers and thanks.


    • Yes, I changed the post, if you look at it now.
      I did not see that word. The regular host made the Wordle, so it was a bit of word search for me. Absent was accidentally listed twice & the 11th word as you say, should be ‘woebegone.’ Thanks for your understanding.


  1. As I nestled absent-mindedly into my particular behavioural patterns a parched maternal instinct overwhelmed. The muted absence of numerous offspring amassed an acerbic sense of deleterious depression … who would care for me in my senior years!

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    • Hehe. Great job Kate. You wrote with brevity, a hard thing to do. Sadly your story sounds like it could be true fir elderly, who despite having many kids in their younger days, don’t have one or a few, who care for them in their “senior years.” Sometimes kids are really good about this, others not so much. Thanks for participating 🙂

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      • Yes sadly, a harsh reality that’s pretty much as old as humans. I think some though, it’s worse now. I have a grandma in a senior’s place. She is 89 and has the on-set of Alzheimer’s. It’s hard to see. But my one relative, who has smoked like a chimney all her life, and has always been a spoiled brat, controls my Grandmas finances etc. She’s very cheap about it. It makes me sad b/c she has all of Grandmas things and she won’t even let us go through them to get my Grandma a couple of sweaters to stay warm, her large font Bible, and her TV. She doesn’t want too pay for or bring my Grandma other things that make my Grandma comfortable and that are important to her. She hardly visits her. It’s an issue of controlling her inheritance and also a power thing. It hurts my Grandma and the rest of us that she’s like this. With Alzheimer’s familiarity is important.

        Anyways, thanks again 🙂

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      • one must wonder how and why your grandmother gave this cousin so much power … seems very wrong! You can take legal action for guardianship as you have proof of neglect, maybe also abuse, so they are enough …

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      • It’s an Aunt, but we’ll see. My Dad does a lot and my Uncle too. It’s a delicate balance with her and her POA rights over Grandma. Things seem improved lately, so crossing my fingers!
        Thank you though!

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      • Gran should have all she needs at that age as it wont be much … please be aware that there are other processes if it gets bad. Elder abuse is on the rise 😦

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      • I agree Kate! My mom is POA for my Baba so I have a good idea of other options and the good example and teaching my Mom has set for me. With all the baby boomers growing older, elder abuse is most definitely increasing. It’s why one must visit seniors residents/care homes often aged be financially honest savvy, and open with their parents $ with other siblings who care, and ensuring parents have all they need from clothes, blankets, coats, shoes, medical care, medications or vitamins. eating there, providing extra treats, entertainment such as TV, books, colouring, knitting etc; and anything else. If you don’t see your parent or grandparent often you don’t see how the nurses and staff act, Most are very good, or learn to be, some we have had to complain about. Certain children of older people are terrible, not paying rent, and for others needs of their parents.
        Where Baba lives, some peoples rent which includes food, is written off. They wouldn’t kick them out, but it does mean the rest of us pay more. Sad but true.
        It’s a part time job, but it takes time to learn and my Dad and Uncle do there best as it’s just been a year with my Grandma. My Dad visits her every second day, I send along any extras she needs (lotion, scarfs, blankets) etc. and visit when I can. Also, I try to maintain a good relationship with my Aunt even though I have to be careful. She has reimbursed me for some items and I’m happy about that. I do believe if her health was better, she would do better so I hope she works on that.

        Thank you for letting me vent. And enjoy your Thursday 🙂

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      • I never mind people venting, it’s essential for our sanity! And especially when it concerns loved ones … hope it all works out.


  2. […] https://mindlovemiserysmenagerie.wordpress.com/2018/05/28/wordle-198-wordle-mlmm-amwriting/ 1. Absent 2. Acerbic =(especially of a comment or style of speaking) sharp and forthright. “his acerbic wit” or tasting sour or bitter. 3. Nestle 4. Numerous 5. Behavior 6. Deleterious causing harm or damage.7. Parched 8. Particular 9. Amass 10. Muted 11. Woebegone 12. Maternal […]

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