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Making Sense of Nonsense – Adder’s Milk

Adders Milk


Genuine Snake oil

Guaranteed Cure-All

Rub it in, take a spoonful each morning,

Infuse it in your tea.

Guaranteed Success and Instant Relief of all and any disease you might have.

This week we are going to play with nonsense.

Weave a tale in which Snake Oil is the focus.

Snake Oil was the term used to describe any product that promised to cure any disease. Often salesmen would have a stooge in the audience to come forward at the end of the salesman’s presentation claiming to be cured of whatever disease they claimed they had.

A good salesman could convince you to buy their product and always made sure to be well out of town within days of selling their product.

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13 comments on “Making Sense of Nonsense – Adder’s Milk

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  3. Jules
    April 5, 2018

    sniffling still, but managed to pen:
    Olio di Serpente

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