Sunday Writing Prompt “The Tides”

The Tides

The ”’Tides”’ are an invisible but powerful force in ”[[Torment: Tides of Numenera]]” ‘s [[Ninth World]]. They are described as similar to magnetism or gravity, an intrinsic part of the world, but they are forces linked to morality and behavior, and have a long-lasting impact on those attuned to them. -Wiki

The tides, as you will read, have both positive and negative aspects and can even appear contradictory, much the way yin and yang do.

Blue represents wisdom, insight, and enlightenment. It is the tide most often associated with philosophers and mystics but it can also represent the madman/madwoman. This tide basically applies to anyone who seeks truth and to expand the mind and spirit. If you feel that the meaning of life is growth/evolution/enlightenment you might be blue! Some possible adjectives: wise, insightful, curious, open-minded, cerebral, bookish, logical, analytical, reflective, deep

Gold represents compassion, self-sacrifice, and altruism. It is the tide associated with philanthropists and volunteers/charity workers of various sorts. But it can also be associated with those who better their communities for personal gains (such as the man who donates to charity for tax exemptions) and martyr personalities (those who put others needs above their own but secretly derive either pleasure or a sense of power from their own suffering). If you often find yourself in the role of caretaker or cry at the sight of suffering you might be gold. Some possible adjectives: generous, nurturing, compassionate, victim/scapegoat, caregiver, sincere/insincere

Silver represents fame. This is the person who seeks recognition for their accomplishments and craves attention. They might come across as either charismatic or egotistical depending on your vantage point. Silvers want to be remembered, to feel validated, and to be loved. Some possible adjectives: charismatic, boastful, narcissistic, influential, needy, lonely, ambitious, successful

Red represents passion, emotion, and pathos and is often associated with artists of various types, revolutionaries, and zealots. People with a red tide strive to live life to the fullest and to follow their heart wherever it may lead, for better or worse. Some possible adjectives: erratic, feisty, petulant, creative, impetuous, moody, passionate, instinctive, exciting

Indigo is the tide associated with justice, compromise, equity, and the greater good. Those with an Indigo tide put the welfare of their communities above the welfare of any one individual and in so doing may be called upon to make tough decisions. This tide can be associated with any branch of law but also with tyrants and villains whose sense of justice, though strong, may be perverted. In some instances people with an Indigo tide may feel the need to punish wrongdoers where others may feel the greater good is better served through rehabilitation. Some possible adjectives: strict, moralistic, vengeful, fair, diplomatic, orderly, self-righteous, equanimous

Your options for the challenge are as follows:

Write about the tide(s) you identify with
Write about a character or real life person that you associate with the tide(s) of your choosing
Write about 2 people (real or imagined) that are the same tide but opposites of each other
Write about 2 people (real or imagined) that are different tides and the effects it has on their relationship. Does it balance them or do they continuously repeal and collide?


  1. […] Indigo Indigo is probably my weakest tide as I feel that each person has their own personal truth. When I was a child living in an abusive and unstable environment I did seek comfort in rules and routines. How should we treat one another? What is the right course of action? How much responsibility does a child have for the sins of their parents? How do I become a better person? How do I become a person at all? I wanted desperately to find clear and concise answers. I wanted the people around me to behave in ways that I could understand. I wanted to control others so that they would not be able to cause pain to themselves/others. I still have some control issues. I still organize when I am stressed and I boss people around when I clean. I still try to fix it when someone comes to me upset but I have come to understand that everyone has their own path to follow and my opinion guides me alone. For […]


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