It’s Sunday today ….


There is no Sunday Writing Prompt this week, but there is important news.

We’re looking for a new/old prompt host to fill the position of the Sunday Writing prompt.

A bit of information about this particular prompt:

  • it’s basically an open prompt that is inclusive in content/form or style (i.e. poetry, flash fiction, short story, personal narratives etc.)
  • it’s up to the discretion and direction of the host/ess to set the criteria as they wish/best suits their prompt idea
  • the subject matter is also open – sometimes we’ve featured specific topics, i.e. working through the Tarot cards but generally anything goes – so whatever you think might prove inspirational and spark creativity is fine
  • the only restrictions (as for all other prompts) – the content and subject can’t be “repeats” of the other hosted prompts, i.e. no using a simple photo image as the inspiration, or featuring Haiku etc. as the bulk/main content of the post

So the requirements to be a host/ess?

    • you need to have a wordpress account (not necessarily a blog)
    • you do need to know how to write in the wp format, schedule posts, and know a little about how to insert HTML (which is Mr. Linky’s business) into the post, and upload media files etc.
    • you need to deal with approving pingbacks for your posts, as well as following up on the links included in Mr. Linky
    • generally, you have to make/take time to read/comment/acknowledge the contributions/posts of those who respond to your prompts
    • you will need to set up a personal account to get your Mr.Linky link-up info. (it’s free and easy) at that particular site
    • you should be able to create collages or whatever else you are interested in using as media/material for your posts
    • you should be familiar with the general content of the prompts here at MLMM, i.e. Monday’s = Wordle, Tuesday’s = Photo challenge, Wednesday’s = Heeding Haiku, Thursday’s = Tale Weaver/Fairy Tale, Friday’s = Flash/Music prompt, Saturday’s = Saturday Mix

*Additional notes:  I’m not entirely sure when Yves will be returning and in exactly what capacity. She is scheduled to begin/return to wordling later in November. In the past, the Sunday Writing prompt has had one host/ess and it has also been shared by two (Yves and others). Given the uncertainty of how much time, energy and availability Yves will be comfortable with, at the moment, the call for a replacement host/ess is to fill the position as a solo prompter.  (this may change in the future)

So, if you’re a regular participant here at MLMM, or even a newbie, but are comfortable with engaging with others because you’re a seasoned blogger, and have some creative ideas that you think would be fun to expand upon, and share, would you be interested in becoming a host/ess for the Sunday Writing Prompt?

If you are interested or have additional questions, then please leave your thoughts in the comments.

Thanks – Pat




    • right – okay – but this is an actual post asking for a replacement host/prompter …. to become one of the band of merry creative mischief makers …..
      Yves, who is the “owner” of this site/creative brain child, has actually posted a Sunday writing prompt today …. but MLMM needs a person to fill this prompting spot – it’s all outlined in my post.


    • thanks for the offer, but the position has to be filled, as per the outlined requirements. As Lorraine noted, being a weekly (or every second week) prompt host is a commitment that not everyone can make, and that’s fine. It’s quite the package, with its own rewards, but it takes time to engage, which is what makes MLMM rather special.


  1. Thanks, Pat, for the fantabulous, supercalifragilisticexpialidocious job you’ve done with the Sunday Prompt, wordles, and general stuff. You helped keep mlmm running while Yves is/was taking much needed time away.
    I’m sure there is someone out there willing to take over — being a mlmm prompster is a challenging, but stimulating, task.

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