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Sunday Writing Prompt #219: September 10, 2017

Sunday Writing Prompt #219: September 10, 2017
Adjust to the Space of Self

Welcome to another Sunday Writing Prompt.

This week, I’d like you to explore the topic of: Adjust to the Space of Self.

Use the collage and poem by Bukowski as your point of inspiration.


in other words – Charles Bukowski
left: Magnolia Pearl Clothing
top middle: KarnaKarna – Cocoon Designs
middle middle: source unknown – thank you whoever you are
bottom middle: Colette Wibisono “Impromptu Tea Party.”

There are many elements within the images and the poem. Select a few, select many, read this piece as a whole, break it into sections, choose as you wish.
Feel free to explore the idea as it inspires you.
Create a poem, or write a short short story, write some flash fiction – discuss something personal as a post or commentary. It’s up to you where you go.
I think you can find many avenues to explore here – so take your time and let the magic work its wonders on you.
Of course, this is just a point of inspiration – and if you wish to share by making a collage of your own, or showcasing a moodboard, or featuring your own images with your post, that’s great too.

You have a week to create – so enjoy.
Please link to Mr. Linky – he works his own magic. And leave links and/or pingbacks here.

Include the tags MLMM or Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie and Sunday Writing Prompt for reference.

I look forward to reading your responses ~ Pat

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21 comments on “Sunday Writing Prompt #219: September 10, 2017

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  3. weejars
    September 10, 2017
    • scribblersdip
      September 10, 2017

      thank you 🙂

  4. Henrietta Watson
    September 10, 2017

    Reblogged this on All About Writing and more.

    • scribblersdip
      September 10, 2017

      thank you Henrietta 🙂

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  6. sarahsouthwest
    September 10, 2017

    nice prompt, thank you

    • scribblersdip
      September 10, 2017

      thank you 🙂

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  9. Lorraine
    September 10, 2017

    Intriguing, imaginative prompt (as I would expect from you). Did give it a go; not quite the piece I was searching for.

    • scribblersdip
      September 10, 2017

      thank you 🙂 Glad that you did, even if it turned out differently than desired.

      (I’ll be slow on answering – had a hospital run – lower back in extreme spasms?! Ugh …. )

      • Lorraine
        September 10, 2017

        Ouch! How is your back now? Did you get some relief at the hospital. Another friend is going through a similar pain process brought about by back spasms. You have my empathy. Take it easy, my friend.

      • scribblersdip
        September 10, 2017

        Let’s say my eyes are no longer in the same socket and I’m not screaming bloody murder every 5 minutes …. so yes, there is improvement, but you know how it is, right? Everyone so afraid to actually prescribe some harder stuff, to alleviate the direct hit – so yeah, fun and games. At least though, I did eventually manage to get some relief ….. and can move a bit easier now – it’s like scraping metal on a blackboard. Anyhow, I shall muddle through. But I admit, this has really dropped my spirits into bad space :S

      • Lorraine
        September 11, 2017

        No wonder! Pain is a soul and spirit killer. It tips us over into the abyss; sucks away the starlight and pains everything in shades of hell.
        Set back after set back just makes moving forward seem like that impossible dream. Hell, you aren’t asking for a miracle, just a steady pain you can cope with.
        Not everyone will turn into a raving addict after a few pain killers. Heroin is cheaper around here than street-sold oxycodone. But it’s the pain killers they all go apeshit about. They maintain that you get addicted to oxy after taking it for one day. Really? How many pills are you taking in that one day?
        It’s one of my big rants.
        Anyway, (((((((((((gentle hugs, Pat)))))))))) and sending all the good thoughts I can fit into a comment box.
        I wrote a quick reply to your email. It sure ain’t fair. The harder we try to be good to ourselves, the more the pain likes to do the (yes one of my favourite phrases) do the gut kick/punch. It’s like it doesn’t like being “ignored,” like we really can.
        I do so wish I could help somehow. Sigh.

      • scribblersdip
        September 11, 2017

        thanks for your thoughts and all – just read the email too – and yeah, rant away! Good point – getting addicted to oxy in one day? Total B.S. Because, yeah, how many pills would you have to take to get addicted in one day? Hell, you’d be dead of an overdose before any addiction could possibly manifest. And yup, I totally appreciated Oxy when I was on it all those years ago – but I was one of the lucky ones who had purposeful treatment and use, and was responsible enough about it, even as the pain was intolerable. But all it takes is a fast-track quick quick make it all go away in a heartbeat society – which means everyone is responsible for the complete mess – but hell, no, we can’t expect people to behave in a reasonable fashion. Or take responsibility for things, much less their problems and solutions. ARGH! Hey, is it pirate’s day yet?! 😉 I’m thinking it would be okay to start the ranting party early and speak in the parlance because it’s apropos!

        Thanks for th hugs and good thoughts …. I’ll muddle through.

    • scribblersdip
      September 10, 2017

      thanks Sal 🙂

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