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Photo Challenge #179



Use above image as inspiration for a poem or short story.


If you are an artist or photographer, use this as an opportunity to showcase your own work.

You have 1 week to complete this challenge.

Please credit the artist!

When you’re done, TAG the post Photo Challenge and MindLoveMisery’s Menagerie, and add your link to the Link Button. Also don’t forget to link to this post or copy your post’s URL into the comments. We can read your post sooner that way.


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17 comments on “Photo Challenge #179

  1. Henrietta Watson
    September 5, 2017

    Reblogged this on All About Writing and more.

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  4. weejars
    September 5, 2017
  5. Asha Seth
    September 5, 2017

    The image doesnt load. 😑

      September 6, 2017

      Are you trying it on your phone? Must be due to slow network.

      • Asha Seth
        September 6, 2017

        Yes, on the phone.

        September 6, 2017

        It’s due to slow network. Try WiFi or on a computer.

      • Asha Seth
        September 6, 2017

        Okay. Let me check.

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  7. Night Unlatched
    September 7, 2017


    Thanks for a great prompt. Maybe my entry is late, the Link button didn’t work for me 🙂

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  9. Wordifull Melanie
    September 7, 2017

    Mr Linky doesn’t seem to be working on this one for me…

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