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Saturday’s Mix–12 August 2017

Welcome back to Saturday’s Mix.  I am in the middle of frantically canning tomatoes and chopping peppers from my garden.  Gardening is all that I have on my mind, so that’s what we’re going to look at this week.  Gardens often figure into poetry or prose writing.  You have the whimsical “Garden Party” by Ricky Nelson.

There’s always the Biblical Garden of Eden.  Dorothy Parker wrote of this in her metaphorical poem, “Garden-Spot.

God’s acre was her garden-spot she said;
She sat there often, of the Summer days,?
Little and slim and sweet, among the dead,
Her hair a fable in the leveled rays.

She turned the fading wreath, the rusted cross,
And knelt to coax about the wiry stem.
I see her gentle fingers on the moss
Now it is anguish to remember them.

And once I saw her weeping, when she rose
And walked a way and turned to look around-
The quick and envious tears of one that knows
She shall not lie in consecrated ground


Another example would be Whose Garden Is This? Who The Gardner? by Bijay Kant Dubey.

Whose garden is this,
Whose is,
Who the Gardner
Who has planted with care
The flower plants,
I can see
The golden marigold,
The red hibiscus,
The fair white rajanigandha stick.
The poppies,
The dahlias
Of different colours and hues
And their sweet redolence
Fascinating me,
Drawing closer to?


So grab your hoe and garden gloves and give us your best writing about a garden–literal, figurative, metaphorical–whatever your heart wishes to grow.  It can be poetry or prose.  As always, feel free to use one of the images.

Once you’ve written your piece please tag your work Mindlovesmisery’s Menagerie and Saturday Mix then either ping back or put a link to your work in the comments below.  To make things simpler you can add your link to the Mr. Linky app below so everyone will be able to quickly find your work.

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11 comments on “Saturday’s Mix–12 August 2017

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  4. georgeplace2013
    August 19, 2017

    Those examples are going to be hard to live up to.

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  8. weejars
    August 20, 2017

    An ejfje poem about daffodils in my garden…
    Daffodils – By Sarah

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  10. Laura Bloomsbury
    August 20, 2017

    in spite of a broken arm I’ve willingly toiled for this garden – and rather envy you your harvest Teresa despite the hard work

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