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Writing Prompt “Special Collage”

Mandibelles Collage 5.jpg

Window- Andrey Bobir: Fruit Center: Kevin Sloan: Woman- Christian Schloe

Today’s quote was suggested to us by Mandibelle please check out her amazing blog

The quote “In the end, we’ll all become stories.” -Margaret Atwood

What is the underlying theme? What’s the story here? The overarching emotions? If you like you can read them like panels in a comic strip it’s up to you how your interpret them. Literal or abstract are both perfectly acceptable.

If you have some great quote suggestions leave them in the comments below and I will use them in a future collage! Alternately if you are a photographer and would like to share some of your photos for the purpose of the collages let me know. If you are interested in making a collage for the prompt, let me know in the comments below.

Today we don’t have any World Apart prompts because I want to give those who are working on the prompts a bit of time to catch up.

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18 comments on “Writing Prompt “Special Collage”

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  2. weejars
    August 6, 2017
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  5. weejars
    August 6, 2017

    I felt bad for cropping her out so the lady gets a piece of her own 😃
    Minstrel Heart – By Sarah

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  7. Jael Sook
    August 7, 2017

    Wonderful prompt collage!

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  11. Jael Sook
    August 11, 2017

    I have a couple quotes, one is rather long, so might not be useful for the collage–the other is short but fabulous, though anonymous (appears on T-shirts, etc…).

    By Anita Shreve, from her book The Weight of Water… “Sometimes I think that if it were possible to tell a story enough to make the hurt ease up, to make the words slide down my arms and away from me like water, I would tell that story a thousand times”.

    Short anon one: “It’s been lovely, but I really have to scream now”.

    • mindlovemisery
      August 11, 2017

      These are great Jael! I will find a way to use those =)

      • Jael Sook
        August 11, 2017

        Wonderful! Glad I shared them…I have zillion more if you ever run out…not likely 🙂

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