Tale Weaver #131: Go Ahead, Make My Day . . . 3.8.17

A visit to National Calendar Day provides all sorts of lovely trivia tidbits. For example, today is National Watermelon Day.

I have fond remembories of sharing an old narrow row-house with 6 (or more roomies). We lived on a quiet side street in a yet to be re-gentrified neighbourhood. One side of the historic Lieutenant Governor’s House, impressive stone mansion behind a stone wall spliced with intricate wrought iron railings, sat opposite our home. On muggy August evenings, we would sit on the front stoop, slurping watermelon juice off our fingers, and having seed spitting contests to see who could get theirs all the way onto the LG’s manicured grounds. I have images, almost 40 years later, of a large watermelon patch continually flourishing across the street from our now re-gentrified house.

So, go ahead and make August 3rd your day. Doesn’t matter if it’s practical, educational, informative, whimsical, or purely phantasmagorical. Weave a tale around your choice, and let the celebrations – joyous, solemn, or even slightly illegal – begin.

By the way, this is International Clown Week, National Bargain Hunting Week, National Psychic Week, and Simplify Your Life Week. So, you can take a broader view and declare National or International Whatever Week.

Create a link (ping back) and tag your post: Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie, Tale Weaver, holiday. My Linky, advocating for International Tale Weaver’s Day, awaits your click.

image: pexels via pixabay.com


  1. it’s national “my brain has gone awol day” – week – and if I was feeling particularly inclined in this direction, which I may very well consider, then I would say year too! Yup – that would about suit me just fine.

    Interesting prompt – I may find a slip of a scribble to shuck off the heat – it’s clam bake, without the clams but the steaming soup of hot summer – and it has zapped by energy like a bug light!


    • A damnable bug zapper has been installed in the yard. It only nets about 5% mosquitoes, the rest are often the “good” bugs. It looks like a purple glowing bird feeder and now is part of my kitchen windowscape. Sorry, this has nothing to do with the prompt! your comment gave me a chance to rant.
      I like steaming clams I’ve done in a big pot topped off with seaweed on a bonfire on the seashore, with cool ocean breezes — not the “steaming soup” of those inland parties.
      Wishing you some refreshingly cool breezes to shuck off the heat so you can shuck some corn, peas, and your heat-induced ennui. National I hate the humidity day? As for National Brainless Day, Week, Month, Year, Decade, count me in.

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      • LOL@As for National Brainless Day, Week, Month, Year, Decade, count me in. (laughing as in sisters in ‘crime’) ….. cos at this point, laughter, as in that slightly whacky off zone laughter is all I’ve got left …. so it’ll do ….
        oh, those bug zappers …. they are annoying, in my opinion – really they are – I hate the sound and am not inclined to think they’re appealing aesthetically – and you’re right, I’m guessing they really don’t offer much protection ….. there are far easier and more effect “tricks” to just trap and combat the squeeters …. but hey, I guess some people think easier and bigger are better.
        I’ve never had clams (LOL – wrote ‘calms’ – which I’ve never had much of either, come to it) apart from in a chowder …. not sure how much I’d enjoy them, but I do like mussels – when I’m in the mood for them ….. but you’re seashore cookout sounds like it’s right on the money …. right speed and perfect setting and dreams ….. ahaa ….. now that’s a peaceable place 🙂


      • It is a peaceable place, and I haven’t had the calms for years!
        I also like mussels — very similar to how clams turn out when steamed.
        Shell fish doesn’t agree with me so well these days. Guess it’s from lack of constant consumption, lol.

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      • LOL – the calms? wish they would come knocking on my door more often …..

        well, we change as we age ….. like cheese or wine??? my brain has a splitting head cleaver tonight, so comments are ___________


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