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Tale Weaver #129 July 27th – Kiss


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The kiss is part of us being human.

We use it to express affection, desire and as a means of greeting between close friends.

It has other uses as well:

My mother would look at a wound we had and say she would kiss it better.

To receive the ‘kiss of death’ is to have someone say you are the best and in today’s game you should play very well.

The kiss for the most part is the most intimate act we can perform as it tells our recipient of our intentions. Even the forced kiss can telegraph the kissers intentions and warn us to not pucker up.

The kiss allows us to enter another person’s personal space and the act itself invites us in.

Today I am asking you to write about a kiss. Your first, were you keen and eager beaver or hesitant? Your last, what has it meant no longer receiving kisses? How have you felt receiving a kiss from a stranger? How have you felt receiving a kiss from a loved one?

You can use the word in any form you choose, create your own context but mostly have fun.

Please link your response using the linking tool below.

21 comments on “Tale Weaver #129 July 27th – Kiss

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  2. Michael
    July 27, 2017
    • Michael
      July 27, 2017

      Sorry but the link is now fixed…

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  6. Jael Sook
    July 30, 2017

    Not sure who is hosting this prompt, but I wonder if they might clarify the meaning of “kiss of death”–as it doesn’t match what I’ve always understood the definition to be. Perhaps it is different in different cultures–in which case I would benefit from enlightenment, thanks! 🙂

    • Michael
      July 30, 2017

      Blame me Jael…’kiss of death’ is in my vernacular a saying used when in sporting terms you state who you think will win a particular contest and often its put in terms that your chosen team will will easily…when they lose its said you put the ‘kiss of death’ om their chances.
      Hope that explains it for you..

      • Jael Sook
        July 30, 2017

        Oh, so kind of a tax on boasting? 🙂

      • Michael
        July 30, 2017

        Yes and your boast backfires on you.

      • Jael Sook
        July 31, 2017

        The tax is that it backfires 🙂 Not sure why I didn’t see your explanation included in my search–guess I gave up too quickly 🙂 Thanks for the assist!

      • Michael
        July 31, 2017

        All part of the friendly service from down under Jael….

      • Jael Sook
        July 31, 2017

        God bless the Aussies!

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  10. Lorraine
    August 5, 2017

    Maizie’s First Kiss kinda came in last . . .

    • Michael
      August 5, 2017

      Better late than never. Best go give it a read.

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