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Writing Prompt June 4th – Story Elements

Greetings everyone.

For this week, I will give you a list of random items or words that you should use to create a mini story.

The words are: Glass, Darth Vader, napkin, cellphone, lighter, book, anger, trouble, mind

So this is kinda like a wordle, but I would like you to progressively, in the order that I wrote the words, create a story or a poem or whatever you feel like.

Hope you have fun writing, and when you are done don’t forget to tag your post with Midnlovemisery’s Menagerie and stuff like prompt, words, combinations, story , poetry and such.

Looking forward to reading your entries!

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10 comments on “Writing Prompt June 4th – Story Elements

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  3. weejars
    June 4, 2017

    Thanks! Had fun with this one 🙂


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  7. flashpoetguy
    June 4, 2017


    I was never a huge fan of Star Wars, preferring instead the closer to truth sci-fi films like Passengers. To me, looking into the mirrored glass revealed what Darth Vader could never offer: something nearly believable, hardly incredible, a kind of napkin without frills and artistic designs, just something to serve its practical purpose.

    The voice of the Dark Father, filtered through his cellophane-lined mask, struck me as muffled gibberish. If his military garb were a bit lighter, perhaps he could dispense with the baby steps, take giant steps befitting his size and reputation.

    As an avid reader, I wonder, can he hold up a book and manage to read it? And how very frustrating it must be for him to vent his anger through the thin vertical slits of a mouth a feral cat wouldn’t wear.

    No, let the unceasing saga of wars of the stars continue as the film producers intend. Let Darth and the rest of them play flashing-light games with their dueling lightsabers.

    Missing the ongoing series is no trouble for me. If Darth Vader fans––No! Fanatics!––want to pay their mind to sci-fi malarkey, I say, Go to it.



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