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Saturday Mix — Lorraine 29.04.17

Welcome to the Saturday Mix – the Lorraine edition. Here, in the playground of words, are flash fiction, poetic and shadorma challenges. Feel free to do one or all – this playground has swings and slides for your enjoyment.

Now that Spring has sprung (and the grass has rize) in certain parts of the world, a picture prompt that speaks to promises of summer, too. Tell us a story in 25 to 150 words “tiled” around this image.



Or, decode this picture in 25 to 150 words. (click on the image for a larger picture.)



© Lorraine 2017 – mural on wall at Secaucus train station/sculpture in same location


Time to explore another micro-burst poetic form, the Elfje:


A Dutch poem (“elven” or “fairy”) originally used to teach poetry to children.  There are eleven words in five lines.

Line one:  One word.  This is a symbol, color, or feature that gives the atmosphere of the poem.

Line two:  Two words. They are something, someone, or some idea that has the feature in line one.

Line three:  Three words.  More information about the thing, person, or idea in line two.

Line four:  Four words.  This line places the reader and/or author in relation to the subject of the poem.  (What you feel, see, think; where you are; etc.)

Line five:  One word.  “The Bomb”, or the essence of the poem.

This is probably the best-known elfje:


the eyes

in the dark

Is there a cat?


— author unknown

See http://simplyelfje.wordpress.com/about/.

The shadorma, the poetic basis of the Saturday Mix is an nonrhyming 6 line poem with the syllabic beat of: 3/5/3/3/7/5. It can consist of one or multiple stanzas. Following the example of the elfje above, the theme for this week’s shadorma is pets, of all sorts.

Due to allergies, we haven’t been able to keep a cat or dog of our own. We have been adopted by neighbours’ dogs, and the occasional outdoor cat. One winter, when the same mice kept returning after we trapped and released them, we had “basement hamsters” until the spring. Large cages with runs and wheels we constructed kept them very happy until the snow melted, and they were driven to a more distant location for release. Too far for them to find their way back to an easy life.

basement mice

capture and release



enclosure indoor playground

outdoor when snow melts

© Lorraine

When you have “published” your Saturday Mix post, please link (ping back) to this page; tags: Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie, Saturday Mix. Mr. Linky, a mural aficionado, awaits your click.

This will be my last regularly scheduled Saturday Mix. It’s been an interesting challenge, and I’ve enjoyed folks’ responses. Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie is a special place to prompt and participate.

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  3. Henrietta Watson
    April 29, 2017

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  5. flashpoetguy
    April 29, 2017

    The impatient lily pads sit waiting for the leaping frog. The stretch of his legs. The sticky-footed June bugs jittering on the curling runway of his elongated tongue. Where are they? When will this summer matinee begin?


    • georgeplace2013
      April 29, 2017

      two thumbs up Sal


      • flashpoetguy
        April 30, 2017

        Thanks, Debi.


      • Lorraine
        April 30, 2017

        Yes definitely two thumbs up for Sal.

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    • Lorraine
      April 30, 2017

      Lovely imagery — yes, there is an impatience in the air.


      • flashpoetguy
        May 3, 2017

        Thanks, Lorraine.


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  7. rugby843
    May 1, 2017

    “The Painting” is my entry to the challenge. https://rugby843.blog


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