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Tale Weaver #115: unbirthdays 13.04.17

According to the Mad Hatter, we have 364 unbirthdays a year (an extra one during a leap year). That’s 364 days from which we can chose to celebrate an unbirthday with an unbirthday party.

An unbirthday party can be anything you choose it to be – that’s the great thing about celebrating unbirthdays – there’s no preset form or template to follow.

So, weave a tale about one of your unbirthdays. 

Do you choose to celebrate in a Mad Hatter-type tea party style or make it a more elegant affair.

Who’s on the guest list? – as this is an unbirthday, you can invite anyone, and I do mean anyone!

Where would you hold it?

What would you and your guests do?



Favours/Gift Bags?





It’s your unbirthday celebration – so it’s all up to you.

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15 comments on “Tale Weaver #115: unbirthdays 13.04.17

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  5. pensitivity101
    April 13, 2017

    Oh how I liked this one, which I’ve done from a slightly different angle:

    • Lorraine
      April 13, 2017

      With an unbirthday, the beauty is there is no set approach. You can make it, or write it anyway chose.
      Glad you liked and enjoyed this prompt.

  6. Sal Buttaci
    April 13, 2017


    Nothing pleased him more than the fall of day. It was then he could shake off the grind of work, settle himself in bed, close his eyes and imagine himself once again in the fields of dream.

    “It all seems so real there,” he told Francie. “I can unwind. I can fly. I can be that young boy again.”

    But Francie shook her head. Don was her older brother, the one she had admired for as long as she could remember, but he had changed. The world, he told her, no longer mattered. He felt so much like a stranger here, living moment by moment, year to year braced for defeat, for unseen dangers, letdowns, more sorrow than he admitted he could bear.

    “Your birthday’s in a week,” Francie said. “You should be happy. We’ll have a party. Invite all your friends. Celebrate.”

    Don sat there but saw himself far away. Tonight, the dream curtain would be lifted and he would enter. His friends would welcome him. He would be ten years old again or five or twenty or older than his seventy-five years. He would celebrate whichever unbirthday would be his tonight.

    He checked his watch. An hour remained before another celebration. He could hardly wait.

    “Are you listening, Don?”

    Don yawned.


    • Lorraine
      April 13, 2017

      Wonderful unbirthday tale — Intersesting concept of a dream curtain and a whole behind that is of the dreamer’s making — an unbirthday celebration of what may be; a retreat from the world’s woes.

      • Lorraine
        April 13, 2017

        Thanks Sal for participating and sharing your unbirthday tale.

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