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Tale Weaver/Fairy Tale #113: the quest 30.03.17


A common fairy tale theme is the quest – the search for something or someone. It’s a literary device we are familiar with from medieval romances to JRR Tolkien. Most often involving an arduous journey undertaken on your own or in the company of comrades, often “picked up” along the way. There is danger, treachery, evil, friendship, magic, puzzles, romance, action, adventure.

This week, weave a tale about a quest – the threads of the tapestry may be old or new. Your quest can unfold in typical fairy tale fashion, set in a land long ago and far away. Or follow medieval knights or an 18th-19th century adventurers.

But, what would a modern day quest be like? What would the search for, and how would the journey be undertaken? What challenges would the quester of today face? With the cyberverse, would the quester ever really leave their home?

When you have posted your quest, please create a link (ping back) to this page. Tags: Mindlovemisery, Tale Weaver, fairy tale, quest. Of course, that master of the quest, Mr. Linky, awaits your click.

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16 comments on “Tale Weaver/Fairy Tale #113: the quest 30.03.17

  1. Henrietta Watson
    March 30, 2017

    Reblogged this on All About Writing and more.

  2. Lorraine
    March 30, 2017

    Thanks Henrietta!

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  4. sarahsouthwest
    March 30, 2017
    • Lorraine
      March 30, 2017

      Love your modern take on the quest — the voice is perfect, and the twist delicious.

      • sarahsouthwest
        March 30, 2017

        Thank you! Once I had her voice it just wrote itself…

      • Lorraine
        March 30, 2017

        Isn’t it wonderful when those things happen — your character writes the story and you are the conduit.

    • Lorraine
      March 31, 2017

      Absolutely wonderful. Annie is a great character and I love the way you use the image then move to the dialogue. If you haven’t read the Paper Bag Princess — give it a try — Annie would love it!
      I love the way you played with the questing theme.

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  7. Lorraine
    March 31, 2017

    A quick quest story — waiting for the words to migrate back with the warblers. Bird song and creativity plus the words to express it. In the meantime:


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