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Tale Weaver #111: the lighter side 16.03.17


As we’ve past the Ides of March, and it’s St. Pat’s eve, thought we’d take a walk on the lighter side this tale weaver. Your thread, your tale, your tapestry is carte blanc: comedy; happy endings; sweet tales; lighter fare. What ever strikes your fancy as being light and airy. Shimmering, like stained glass sun catchers and melodically  like wind chimes. Farcical like silent movie stunts (Buster Keaton comes to mind). Laugh out loud funny books and movies – your taste probably varies from mine.

Take off the dark clothing, change the heavy music on the stereo, and write with a light heart and a lighter pen.

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image: Gary Larsen, Far Side, School for the Gifted via activehappiness.com

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12 comments on “Tale Weaver #111: the lighter side 16.03.17

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  4. Mike
    March 17, 2017

    Found a few Midvales, so one more had to be invented.


    • Lorraine
      March 18, 2017

      A wonderfully magical Midvale has been added.

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  6. wordwitch88
    March 17, 2017

    I went in a different direction – oh dear – was I supposed to use the comic image as my starting point? oops …. oh well, laugh away anyhow, I hope ….

    • Lorraine
      March 17, 2017

      No, that is one of my favourite Gary Larson cartoons, and a play on words for the Lighter Side. Only an illustration, not a starting point.
      I haven’t read the submissions yet, but I meant for the prompt to be wide open to interpretation. Maybe I didn’t word it clearly enough. Looking forward to reading where your mind wandered.

      • wordwitch88
        March 17, 2017

        No – you’re post was clear, it was my head that was frozen fuzzy 😉

        I’ve always got a chuckle from that particular comic – being one who often does something similar, but am in no way exceptionally gifted, just distracted 😉

        well, I tried to go “light” …. ended up in the more silly zone me thinks …. anyhow, wonderful prompt and I’ll catch you around 🙂

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