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Saturday Mix — Lorraine 04.02.17

Hello, this is Lorraine presenting this week’s Saturday mix: some flash fiction; micropoetry; and a shadorma. Thought we might get an early start on Valentine’s Day with the theme of love. Love takes many forms, multiple faces, is light, is dark, is from the heart, is from lust, is sweet, is sweaty, is togetherness, is obsession. Not all love stories are Harlequin Romances. It would be appreciated if there was a word of warning if your piece contains adult content – thanks.

You are free to tackle as many of the challenges as appeal to you. There is no minimum/maximum amount of wordplay.

Love with a twist: Craft a “love story” in 25 to 150 words, with an unforeseen twist at the end.


(image: (c) Lorraine 2017)


A tilus is a 3 line poem: 6/3/1:

Created by Kelvin S.M., the tilus [tee-loo-hz] is a ten-syllable micro poem whose purpose is to use emotion to explore the relationship of nature and people.  It has two parts:

  1. Two lines with a 6-3 syllable count;
  2. A one-syllable word that completes the subject in the first two lines

As poetics is not my forte, I have freed the tilus up a bit and focused on the 6/3/1 beat structure:

love at first sight I scoff

then I saw


Why not play around in your sandbox of words and try a tilus – perhaps love is in the air?

The shadorma has a non-rhyming “beat” of 3/5/3/3/7/5 and can consist of one or more 6 line stanzas. Craft a shadorma keeping with the theme of love such as relationships, passion, chocolates and roses (Valentine’s Day).


a dozen red roses

candle light

holding hands

once a year or three sixty five

there was one, now two


When you’ve finished your post, please created a link (ping back) to this page; tags: Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie, Saturday Mix, love. And, that love god, Mr. Linky, awaits your click.


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28 comments on “Saturday Mix — Lorraine 04.02.17

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  2. Michael
    February 4, 2017

    Here is my attempt at a Tilus:

    You have broken my heart
    Why you bitch?

    • Lorraine
      February 4, 2017

      Well, this is to the point! Short, not so sweet, no mistaken outcomes here.
      Love is messy to say the least.

      • Michael
        February 4, 2017

        Well in so few words hard to be more than short and sweet.

      • Lorraine
        February 4, 2017

        That’s why I like the form — you have you’re say, and your done and the beat is easy to remember.
        Thanks for giving it a try.

      • Michael
        February 4, 2017

        Here is another try:

        I loved you from the start

      • Lorraine
        February 4, 2017

        That’s a nice counterpoint. This one comes first, then the broken heart.

      • Michael
        February 4, 2017

        I do another about indifference

      • Lorraine
        February 4, 2017

        see, the tilus is fun

      • Michael
        February 4, 2017

        You nearly got it right….

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  4. Lorraine
    February 4, 2017

    Ooops — try verse vs poem. Blushing.

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    • Lorraine
      February 4, 2017

      Thanks — this is a lovely, sweet love story. Nice twist at the end!

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    • Lorraine
      February 4, 2017

      Wow — I’m breathless at the twists and turns. This is the darker side of love to be sure — nicely crafted; didn’t see that ending coming at all.
      Thanks for participating with this excellent tale.

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  11. julespaige
    February 4, 2017

    Love is in the air with an attempt at all three with:
    Two Weddings Too Many?, Rosebud, Addition

    • Lorraine
      February 5, 2017

      Wonderful stories of love!

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