Tale Weaver #105: The Dark Side 02.02.17



The dark side. Dark matter. That inner part of our psyche where the nightmares play. Grand masters such as Edgar Allan Poe, or Rod Serling tapped those dark places.

This week’s Tale Weaver is to write a dark story – something from your twisted mind; a piece of gritty film noir; a story with a tragic ending; what scares you when you try to sleep at night; what scares you when you read/listen to the news.

Weave these dark threads into a tapestry, a tale that might dance along the edge of the abyss.

Please link back to this post (ping-backs) and add the tags: Mindlovemisery, Tale Weaver, and dark tale to your post. And, that ever-evil, ever-living-on-the-dark side Mr. Linky awaits your click.

image: dark side of the moon, img.gawkerassets.com


  1. Ohhh no, I’m going shiver in me timbers because of evil evil foul smelling dark Mr. Linky …. LOL …. love how you ended the prompt this week 😉

    just had to say ….


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