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Writing Prompt #195 “A World Apart Part 3”


For this installment we’re going deep! For this installment you will be creating one or more factions (philosophical schools of thought) and/or religions. Don’t worry you only have to write a summary, I am not expecting you to write their version of the Bible or anything! Basically focus on the core beliefs.

Alternately you can describe the religious or philosophical leanings of an individual character or of yourself.

Here they have loads of examples of factions from Planescape Torment

I will also put an example below that I created. I will post more factions on my blog. I got really carried away with this one. I even had hubbie make the symbols! You are also welcome to make the symbols for your new philosophical school.

Eyes of Ocanthus

The Eyes of Ocanthus have their home base in Empty Cell. They guard/monitor The Doors of Ocanthus. Their official function is to keep Gods and other powers from entering into Fallow Farce. In its own way Fallow Farce is a relatively peaceful place, battles are fought between individuals as opposed to armies. The anarchistic leanings of the residents have prevented tyrannical governments from taking power. While some believe they are peace keepers, that is only partially true, deep in their heart’s they are freedom-loving anarchists and they don’t want anyone coming in and establishing an order to things.

The Eyes of Ocanthus believe that the God Ocanthus created Fallow Farce and all the neighboring planets by creating the crystal sun Discord. Some believe that the faction removes their eyes in worship of the blind God Ocanthus (a conclusion easy to make given that every member of the faction wears a blindfold). This is not true. It is not their eyes they have sacrificed but their vision and they have not done so in homage to Ocanthus. They have sacrificed their vision in order to strengthen their other senses and awaken their psychic abilities.

The Eyes of Ocanthus have one basic objective and thats to keep “law” from finding its way into Fallow Farce. Otherwise they are a pretty open bunch, if a bit mad. They believe fiercely in individuality and do not tolerate authority well. That is why there is no official faction leader and no faction hierarchy. Everyone is equal.

Aside from blindfolds they do not have a specific dress code and some of the faction members do not bother to dress at all it just depends on their mood. They are not chaotic for the sake of being chaotic but they are brutally open and brutally honest. Some find their candid way of speaking extremely unnerving. Such an unsuppressed group of individuals you’d be hard-pressed to find. Though their duties prevent them from traveling freely (a certain number must always be on guard) they do experiment liberally with mind-expanding drugs and sexual techniques. They particularly enjoy the psychic ability of empathy where they can transmit their emotions and feelings of arousal/climax directly to their partner.

They run the notorious “House of Many Doors”. The House of Many Doors is said to have a room for every imaginable pleasure whether that pleasure be spiritual, emotional, intellectual, and/or physical. In truth there is only one room, they use Chaos magic to alter the perception of all who enter.

No one in Fallow Farce desires “law” and thus the faction is generally well-liked.

Dread-Bringers believe they have not taken “chaos” to the destructive extremes it deserves (if letting champions of order in would facilitate destruction they welcome it) and yet they are frequent visitors to the House of Many Doors.

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2 comments on “Writing Prompt #195 “A World Apart Part 3”

  1. Wow — you are really doing a great job with this. I’m following along — just don’t think I’ll have something to post. I’m working on it as I work on my longer stories. All three have helped give me focus, backdrops, backgrounds, and will add dimensions to the stories that take place in my illusionary middle ages world.
    Thanks so much for doing this.

    • mindlovemisery
      January 15, 2017

      I am so glad it is helping you and feel free to share whatever, whenever =) It has been a good exercise for me as well!

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