Writing Prompt: January 8th – SMS


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Greetings, everyone!

I hope everyone had a lovely time for the holidays. I hope you all enjoyed and thought and pondered a lot about what challenges in writing you want to embark upon this year,
This week, I would like us to do something new, modern and perhaps something we are not quite used to anymore:

The challenge is to write a piece composed of text messages.

Here are a few ideas to get you going:

1.Write a poem , where each stanza is a text message

2. Write a piece of flash fiction or a story where the narrator is telling the story to someone via text messages

3. Use our own text messages, from your phone, as an inspiration to write

4. Write about or tell us an anecdote or real life story involving text messages

5. Write a text message sales pitch for the year 2086.

6. Send a text message via your blog post, and encourage visitors to “message back|. See what you can compile!

These are just ideas and you are free to interpret the prompt however you see fit, as well as participate with any creative media/writing/voice that you have.

When you are done writing and posting your entry, please pingback/link up and tag your post with MindLoveMisery’s Menagerie, writing prompt, creative writing and similar.

I hope you have fun, and I am looking forward to reading your entries!


  1. I only started texting a while ago (still don’t tweeter), so this will be a challenge — to tell a story in a series of text messages (as opposed to micro-flash 140-142 characters)
    Very timely and challenging writing prompt! I will have to ponder this . . .
    Take time 2 think. Maybe a while 4 response. U & I shall c . . .


  2. Well this will be tricky for me; I don’t text.
    But I can do some guessing in the short messages department.
    Is there a word or character count limit to a text?
    OK I found some history of Telex (66 words per minute) and text messages max limit of 160 characters per exchange. I can work with that…maybe – just no bubbles 🙂

    Here’s the history if anyone is interested:

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