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Tale Weaver #101: Resolute 05.01.17


This is the time of the year folk make, and break, resolutions. Weave a tale concerning keeping or discarding a resolution. Remember not all resolutions are for “improving” our health and well-being. One year I resolved to go out (read to my favourite not upscale tavern) and met people (read men) more. That was one resolution I did manage to keep – hummm, I wonder why . . .

As usual, tag your post with Mindlovemisery, Tale Weaver add resolutions, create a link (ping-back) to this post, and return as Mr. Linky awaits your click. Perhaps he has resolved to behave himself this year.

image: Peter Timmerhues via pixabay

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10 comments on “Tale Weaver #101: Resolute 05.01.17

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  3. julespaige
    January 5, 2017

    A poetic tale:
    Chasing Tales


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  5. My resolution: to read more (or at least as much) as I write. I don’t visit other’s blogs nearly enough!
    There — it’s in writing.


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  8. Cie from Team Netherworld: I can’t comment on Blogger most of the time. So, I wanted to thank you for participating and say your tale shows how resolutions, no matter how closely held and dreamt, still can shatter and cut like a dropped wine glass spilling red wine and blood on white tiled floors.
    Thanks so much for participating!


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