Writing Prompt, November 27th – What a World!


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Greetings everyone!

This week, we are bringing the Major Arcana Tarot prompts to a full close, with a prompt relating to the last card, card XXI – The World

What is this card about?

The World signifies completion, achievement and fulfillment. All of your efforts are finally paying off and you have reached the end of a journey or have completed a major life cycle. You have endured hardships and challenges along the way but these have only made you stronger and significantly wiser and more experienced than when you first started on your journey.

The World also represents a period where you can see the entire process or system for what it is and you understand your place within that system. This card is about a deeper understanding of your role and your impact within a certain environment and where you truly ‘fit’. This card can also point to a strong feeling of unity and wholeness with the world or in a particular situation. Everything is starting to fall into place and you can be ‘one’ with the situation.

I firmly believe we are all, small and big, Worlds, that we conjoin with threads, actions and emotions into the whole World. Yet, if you look around, the World we live in today (and the World of the past) are not so bright places. Year after year, we are trying to change the world while changing ourselves.

I believe many of the cards of Major Arcana that we touched upon in previous prompts already summoned the participants to reflect, recollect, remember, forget and proclaim.

For this prompt, I would like to ask you to see the broader picture, I would like to ask you to tell me how would YOU change the world, by imagining a rule you set, a poem you read, a story you weave will be HEARD and acted upon.

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Hope you have fun writing and I am looking forward to reading your entries!

*In addition, I am more than open for suggestions on more cycle prompts, similar to what we were doing so far with following the cards of Major Arcana. If you have any ideas or suggestions, feel free to voice them out in the comments!


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