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Tale Weaver/Fairy Tale Prompt # 94 : Alien Fairy Tales 11.24.16


Imagine the sorts of fairy tales alien cultures might have. How would Alpha Centurions weave folk or fairy tales? What sorts of tales would have been passed between generations of Martians while the planet was habitable?

This might require really reaching outside the normal confines of our fairy tale prompts to travel into the stars, and return, your device full of adventure and alien concepts of the fairy tale.

Or, do aliens have fairy tales about Earth? Featuring men in black? Mulder and Scully? What would a fairy tale from out in the cosmos, featuring Earth, be like? Get Scotty to beam you to a Fairy Tale Convention on the Planet Pixie to attend the session: Earthlings.

The idea is to have fun, stretch your imagination and creativity, and enjoy.

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I look forward to reading your fanciful, phantasmagorical, fairy tales from a galaxy far, far away.

image: prexamples.com

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