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Tale Weaver #94 November 17 Making Sense of Nonsense


This week’s Tale Weaver is about using your creative juices to weave a tale about what you think this substance might be, how it is made, made by whom,  who can use it, does it have multiple uses, where can you buy it? What might the risk be?

Let your imagination have fun with this one…..please link your post using the linking tool below.

9 comments on “Tale Weaver #94 November 17 Making Sense of Nonsense

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  4. Mr. Linky’s new torture is to take his time deciding whether to allow me to be out of the blogging closet and linked to the mlmm prompt. If I don’t appear in a while, I shall add my url here.
    Great prompt, Michael. Really looking forward to reading what folks have to say. And yes, there are typos and I’m too stressed/busy/tired to fix.

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  9. julespaige
    November 21, 2016

    A multi mash-up
    A Decent Ascending


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