Writing Prompt November 13 – Abecedarian

Glagolitic Alphabet
Glagolitic Alphabet

Greetings everyone! The drizzle and storm, in the grayness and cold of November, makes every one of us crave to live the writing dream: be cozy with a cup of tea and coffee and let inspiration run wild. I think this is the perfect time to direct our skills towards challenges.

Hence why, this week, I would like you to write using the Alphabet to challenge yourself.

To give you more inspiration , direction or idea, here are a few examples to guide you:

  • Write a poem where every next word begins with the next letter of the alphabet.
  • Write a poem where every word begins with the same letter
  • Write a tale/piece of flash fiction, where you will use every letter of the alphabet to craft your scenes. The words should be key elements in the sentence/scene
  • Write a tale/story/piece where you will create a story that centers on the alphabet: be it a certain one letter, or the alphabet entirely. For example a story of how the letter A came into existence. Another example: Consonants are plotting against the letter R.
  • Take an alphabet that is not English or your native language. Try something exotic, try old alphabets (an example would be Glagolitic alphabet). Observe the symbols, let them inspire you and translate them into a piece of poetry or story.
  • Try to tackle writing a poem or a piece of prose in writing forms such as Palindrome, Anagram, Acrostic, Reverse Acrostic.
  • In case you are both artistically and literary inspired, try writing a single letter into the center of the paper/online document. Craft and play and write around it. Post the results, in written and visual form
  • Write a piece with humour in mind, where you will replace every letter M, for example, on the beginning of a word or verb, with some other letter, for example S.

As you can see, the ideas are endless , and I do not wish to overwhelm you guys. Besides the stuff I listed, anything that comes to your mind is more than welcome. Let the prompt guide you and inspire you, even if it feels like it is beyond limits of sanity.

I welcome entries in all forms!

When you are done writing your piece, post it and don’t forget to link up/pingback, and tag your post with MindLoveMisery’s Menagerie, creative writing, prompt, Alphabet.

Enjoy writing and creating! I look forward to reading your entries!

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    • I really liked your poem! It is admirable you managed to follow the not so easy guidelines, and produce a poem and a well rounded story that was very powerful and emotional.
      I am really happy you decided to take the challenge and I hope you had fun participating!

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      • It was really fun. The last ABCs I did were within a Lord of the Rings set up (not quite fan fiction but well) more than 10 years ago. I wondered for a long moment whether my muse would go back to familiar grounds or if something new would happen. It was very satisfying to get that feel of a poem in prose.

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  1. a beastly challenge dare enter fine games have I judged knotty like mlm’s newest obstacle preventing quiet restful sunday toil unless very well xeroed yellow zero.
    Well, I tried. First go — had to keep saying abcdefg . . . .
    Very, very, very difficult, for me prompt. we shall have to see.


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