Friday Music Prompt #60: The Log Driver’s Waltz by Kate & Anna McGarrigle

logger drivers waltz



Log Driver’s Waltz is a bit of fun. Kate & Anna McGarrigle (McGarrigle Sisters) provide the vocals, Wade Hemsworth the lyrics, and the National Film Board of Canada the animation. My students liked this musical interlude, and peek into a disappeared way of life.

So, let your imagination birl* down the river with the log driving man. Adventure. Out of Doors. Romance. Nostalgia. Dancing. Rivers, lakes, streams. Wood. Trees. History.


If you should ask any girl from the parish around
What pleases her most from her head to her toes,
She’ll say – I’m not sure that it’s business of yours,
But I do like to waltz with a log driver.

For he goes birling* down a-down the white water;
That’s where the log driver learns to step lightly.
It’s birling down, a-down white water;
A log driver’s waltz pleases girls completely.

When the drive’s nearly over, I like to go down
To see all the lads while they work on the river.
I know that come evening they’ll be in the town
And we all want to waltz with a log driver.

To please both my parents I’ve had to give way
And dance with the doctors and merchants and lawyers.
Their manners are fine but their feet are of clay
For there’s none with the style of a log driver.

I’ve had my chances with all sorts of men
But none is so fine as my lad on the river.
So when the drive’s over, if he asks me again,
I think I will marry my log driver.

Lyrics from:

* a game played by lumberjacks in which players have to balance on spinning floating logs

Kate died of cancer in 2010. She was married to Loudon Wainwright III, and mother of Rufus and Martha Wainwright who have followed in the family tradition.

So like all Friday soiree’s, we except any creative expression from from complex madrigals to 3 line tilus; from photographs to Weird Al-ish song parodies. Even better, add a sound file, and sing it for us!

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Good log driving and waltzing to you this weekend!



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