Tale Weaver #84 September 8: Juiced Genie (or be careful of what you wish for)

Lucas Grogan & Basil Bangs

Image: Lucas Grogan for Basil Bangs


Strolling along the beach, you discover an interesting bottle. It’s one of those large beer varieties with the wire and porcelain “cork/cap.” Figuring you might find a message, without thinking, you pop open the top. But rather than a message, you get a messenger.

A rather inebriated genie (the bottle wasn’t completely empty when placed inside) and you are the first “your wish is my command[er]”

What happens when a not completely sober genie attempts their first assignment? How well are your wishes granted? Does the ending surprise, even you, the author?

So, take a flight of fancy on a magic carpet you weave with your tale of the Juiced Genie.

BasilBangs_dome rug, lucas grogam

Image: Lucas Grogan for Basil Bangs


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