Wordle Special Addition Contranym “September 5th, 2016”

Contranym Wordle

Today we have a theme wordle as suggested by my husband.

1. Weather (to withstand, or to wear away)

2. Refrain (to desist from doing something, or to repeat)

3.Temper (to soften, or to strengthen)

4. Left (remained, or departed)

5. Discursive (moving in an orderly fashion among topics, or proceeding aimlessly in a discussion)

6. Sanguine (confidently cheerful, or bloodthirsty)

7. Transparent (invisible, or obvious)

8. Custom (a common practice, or a special treatment)

9. Oversight (monitoring, or failing to notice)

10. Model (an exemplar, or a copy)

11. Ravel (to entangle, or to disentangle)

12. Quantum (significantly large, or a minuscule part)


Today’s wordle is special as you can see in that each word contradicts itself.

You can proceed as usual choosing one of the meanings and choosing 10 of the 12 words to create a poem, song, or story.


You can use both meanings of the word in the same poem, song, or story.


You can write two poems that are the exact opposite of each other.

The words can appear in an alternate form

Use the words in any order that you like.

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