B&P’s Shadorma and Beyond – August 6, 2016

Are you like me? When I go to thrift stores, second hand books stores, or used book sales I head for the poetry section. It’s like a treasure hunt – digging through boxes and searching jumbled shelves.

At one book sale I found a small, dark gray book, There Are Men Too Gentle To Live Among Wolves by James Kavanaugh. A new poet for me.

He was born in 1928 in Kalamazoo, Michigan and died in 2009. Kavanaugh was an ordained Roman Catholic priest who left the priesthood to pursue a writing career. He questioned many of the practices of his church and wrote a number of books and articles about his feelings.
He has also written a children’s book, novels, and a dozen books of poetry – poetry that is real and personal.

Here is the poem I’ve chosen as our inspiration this week –

Soft And Silent

Everything I love is soft and silent,
My cat, the morning, the end of day,
Even the moon in its way.

Everything I love is soft and silent,
The water, the forest, the snow at play,
Even the mountain in its way

Everything I love is soft and silent,
The sun on the sand, a rainy day,
Even the wind in its way

Everything I love is soft and silent,
The grass, the brook, the leaves at play,
Even you in your way

© James Kavanaugh

Like my cat
I often feel like purring
when you’re near
when you speak
the sound of your voice lights up
a dark moonless night

© cgk 2016

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Thanks for joining me here. Can’t wait to read your poems.


  1. one thing leads to another – a great find Candy which has now led me to further exploration of this poet so thank you for the lead and the prompt

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  2. What a find! Thank you for the intro to this beautiful poem . I must keep this poet in mind and try to find some of his poems. Your shadorma is also lovely Candy.


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