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Tale Weaver #78 July 28th – Waiting


Image © Mara Eastern Used with permission

Weave a tale that involves the concept of waiting. We do a lot of waiting in our lives, in queues, at train or bus stops, waiting for loved ones to arrive etc….

Create a tale in which you establish where you are and why you are waiting and how you feel about having to wait. Is it irritating, a time of contemplation, delaying you or do you have a air of expectation about what is to come.

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10 comments on “Tale Weaver #78 July 28th – Waiting

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  4. taleweavering
    July 28, 2016

    Great prompt, Michael. Waiting can be delicious with anticipation for what lies ahead, nerve-wrecking waiting for an outcome, or a task of patience and love. We all wait; but how and why is each a tale to weave.

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