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Tale Weaver Prompt #74: June 30 2016: Word Associations

I’d just like to take a quick moment to say “thank you” to everyone who has liked, commented, and/or participated in the TW/FT prompts, when I’ve been co-host. 🙂 It’s been great fun and I’ve enjoyed our moments together. I’m stepping off after this prompt and leaving you in Michael’s capable hands.  🙂 Thank you Michael and TaleWeaver for your ideas, encouragement and all the fun. And thanks Yves for creating such a cool and interesting place here @ MLMM – it’s been wonderful to be a part of this experience.

Another Tale Weaver prompt today and we are going to explore the concept/idea of word associations.

It’s amazing what words – the power of words can trigger – and do. Sometimes it’s a well known phrase, or a random combination – but to stop and seriously consider associations is something we often take for granted. Often in our daily lives, we use turns of phrase without considering their meanings, as so often they have become colloquialisms. And so as writers, creators, poets, sometimes we often slip into the same practice. And yet, even the most known phrases have a history, mystery and backstory. So this week, I’m asking you to consider words and combinations in a new light.

The combination I’m offering up as inspiration? BLACK MAGIC WOMAN

Whether you know of the song Black Magic Woman, recorded first by Fleetwood Mac, or later on, when it became a classic rock anthem/staple, by Santana, or perhaps as what seems to be a Grade B movie (I can’t offer my thoughts, never having seen this film) – words have effect.

So this week: consider the word combination of Black Magic Woman – and let it lead on you a journey of exploration into the unknown – and weave a tale.

Style, form, genre, associations etc. are up to you. AND somewhere in your responses, stories – you must use these 3 words together.

You have a week to explore and share your responses. Please link to this post by creating a ping back or link, and link up to the official linky black bag of treasures. Include the tags MindLoveMisery’s Menagerie, Tale Weaver prompt, word associations and Black Magic Woman in your response.

Additional trivia?

Santana’s version, recorded in 1970, is a medley with Gábor Szabó’s 1966 instrumental “Gypsy Queen”, a mix of jazz, Hungarian folk and Latin rhythms. The song became one of Santana’s staples and one of their biggest hits, with the single reaching #4 on the Billboard Hot 100 in January 1971. Abraxas reached #1 on the charts and hit quadruple platinum in 1986, partially thanks to “Black Magic Woman.”

“Gypsy Queen” was omitted from 1974’s Santana’s Greatest Hits album, even though radio stations usually play “Black Magic Woman” and “Gypsy Queen” as one song.


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  4. taleweavering
    June 30, 2016

    Ignore link #3; use #4 or:

    Thanks for everything, Pat. You helped save some of my sanity. And you did one kick-ass job. All the best!

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    • wildchild47
      June 30, 2016

      okay – no problems 🙂

      It was my pleasure to lend a hand – and I’m glad it’s given you some space and sanity. 🙂
      You take care too and of course, I’ll be seeing you here and there 😉


  5. MyLovingWife
    June 30, 2016

    Sad to hear you’ll be stopping but it’s been a treat to work on the prompts you’ve offered. Thanks for the time and the dedication.

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    • wildchild47
      July 1, 2016

      It’s been my pleasure and a wonderful experience – and thank you for having shared in so many of the moments. 🙂

      You’ll be in Michael’s capable hands and creativity, along with a few guest posters along the way – so I’m sure you’ll have a wonderful time when next you play along 🙂

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  8. julespaige
    July 1, 2016

    Really…just because you asked so nicely…
    Meeting Oili Olalla

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