Sunday June 5 2016 Writing Prompt: lighten up!

Sundays are “writing prompt days” on the MLMM Schedule. Yup. Writing. And if I’m sort of “correct” in thinking, it was originally along the lines of letting people have a day where they could share more personal stories, thoughts and ideas about their lives, who they are, what they are thinking etc. So yup, maybe a little more “intimate.”

I thought I’d take a small break from the Tarot cards this week, since the cards have been and are (coming up) a bit heavy on the thinking side, and so let’s lighten up! (Tarot will resume in 2 weeks time.)

I had a flash of inspiration while having a conversation in the comments section on one of my personal blog posts and have decided to run with it. I hope you’ll consider this and let yourself join in 🙂

So this week?


The rules of engagement?

Here’s your chance to re-compose your resumé, which traditionally lists your education and degrees, your work history, any volunteer associations etc., in a new light. 

For this challenge, let yourself write the titles and descriptions as you wish they might have been, or perhaps might one day be? Or even as your heart truly speaks and sings to you, you know, your truest wishes and dreams?

So re write this usually critical piece of “I AM So and So” in a new way. Re-define yourself however you wish – feeling like exploring your carefully hidden silly side? Go for it! Want to give yourself permission to tell the world that you’re not so “nicey nice” after all? Do it!

Here’s the chance to think in a new way, without over taxing yourself, while sharing something that’s a little more of “your story.”

Requirements: This must be a personal exposé in that it reflects some part of yourself that is NOT what the world would actually read in your true-to-life resumé. 

Stylistically? Go about it as you wish. It could be a few paragraphs that are prosetry or free verse. Maybe you make a collage of some sorts and then share the image of it with us? It’s up to you. Be as creative as you wish.

And if you’re one of those super duper popular bloggers and are a bit worried that if you participate in this writing challenge others might take you a tad too seriously or wonder what’s flying around in your bonnet? Well, remember to include the TAGS: CREATIVE WRITING, MLMM, Sunday writing prompt, and re-write your resumé in your responses – and just post tons of 😀 in your comments section. No one will be the wiser for it.

Remember to link back to this post, by direct linking or creating a ping back, and include your linky in the linky bag.

You have a week to run around and play with this mission. 🙂

And a nod of thanks to adh/Phylor for inspiring me: it was her suggestion that I should include my idea of being a “Shapeshifter” on my Resumé that has resulted in today’s post!


      • there is nothing worse than traffic … well, there probably is, but after work? Ugh. At least there was something to keep you at least, slightly happy and wandering in a fun way then 😉

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    • LOL – NOT at you and your issues – mine is the same, and so I have long since buried it – because I feel like a total waste of space and time – and like none of it has any value and meaning – and hmmm … truthfully, I guess now, it doesn’t really. Oh hell, why am I laughing????

      Better to chuck it in the f*ck it bucket and move on.

      Anyhow …. take your time – and hey play if you want to – there weren’t a ton of responses but Michael for one, went the absolutely silly route and had great fun. Others were split as they wished – a smidgen of silly and spiritedness …. so yeah, whatever works for you, and as always, whenever. 🙂


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