May 22 2016: Writing Prompt: Tarot: Major Arcana: Death

Next up in the suit of the major arcana tarot cards is “Death”

There are many ideas and symbolic elements associated with this card – BUT before we go galloping off into the gut-reaction of death and its general associations, we need to stop and think. Much like the previous two cards, Justice and The Hanged Man, there are far more important and significant meanings at play. So before you consider this week’s writing prompt from an immediate reaction, think on the actual significance of this card.

The basic meaning of this card? Endings – beginnings.

For each ending, which is a death in itself, there is a new beginning.

Death is not only about a physical manifestation – death happens in millions of ways, unfolding as surely as the sun sets. But predictably, the sun rises each morning. Beginning.

So death is about transformations, changes, growth, understanding, perceptions, learning, change, adaptation, letting go. How we accept and appreciate death depends on our choices, which, of course, are influenced by our feelings, emotions, the circumstances of a particular situation, etc.

So is there a sequence to this card? Of course.

Endings are followed by a receptive state. This state includes or denies acceptance, understanding, and possibilities of something new, the unknown. Eventually, decisions and choices are made – a forced hand, even if it is one’s own fouled hand, – remember – indecision and staying stuck, the inability to let go – is a choice. And finally, new beginnings.

Time stands still for no one. Death is indiscriminate.

So this week, consider the card “Death” – and think about the spiritual and symbolic meanings attributable to this card. It is a card rich with possibilities and beauty.

Remember you can always do your own research regarding meanings and the symbols and elements about this Tarot card – there is a wealth of fascinating information available on the internet, and a traditional representation of this card features some wonderful symbols and elements to consider.

Write about this card – whatever form, style, genre and subject matter. Your approach is yours to consider and explore. Be creative, innovative, dynamic. Think and write well and share your responses by creating a link or ping back to MLMM and please share your response in the official linky thingy. Please tag your posts with MindLoveMisery’s Menagerie, writing prompt, tarot card “death.” You have a week to respond.

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  1. Am I understanding your directions correctly, that you want us to “write about this card”–not Death in some fashion? Not being a Tarot person, that may leave me out–which is fine, I just need to know what you’re aiming for in responses. Thanks 🙂

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    • LOL – sorry, no, I realize, it does sound like a “do this” … but it’s not. You can interpret the card – either literally, or just consider some of the ideas associated with the card – and take it in whatever direction you wish.

      The Sunday prompt is a writing prompt – and way back when Yves suggested we write to the tarot. So the cards, as I’m presenting them, every other week, are simply points of inspiration. I might actually outline writing guidelines, but it’s a bit rare. So, however this card inspires you – go for it. And in whatever form you want – poetry, flash fiction, fiction, personal story etc.

      Sorry about the confusion!


  2. This may take more than a week. Some of the story is in a notebook (might do a quick check) or my mind or maybe posted. The story is about death, beginnings and changes — with some humour. I’ve been writing it (mostly in my head for awhile) a year or so ago, so I will need time to go over the plot/outline, and see if I can cut it into a manageable piece for your intriguing prompt.

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    • take the time you need Phylor 🙂

      as you know, the time line is a guideline /suggestion, so it’s all good 😉


    • that is definitely interesting 🙂

      if you could give me a general direction to the site – I’d be interested to read, when and if you have time to do so 🙂


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