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Music Prompt #41: “Ugly Cherries” by PWR BTTM

Hello again, my friends!

I was listening to NPR’s Tiny Desk Concerts this morning and found another lyrical gem for you. Spoiler: it’s another one of those visual rather than lyric-based songs not unlike last week’s prompt. Before you take me off your Favorites list, let me tell you why.

When I saw the makeup and dress of the two man band, it made me misty-eyed missing David Bowie and his  Ziggy Stardust. He taught me that being yourself is paramount, everything else is glitter and stardust. So when I saw PWR BTTM perform “Ugly Cherries” it made me smile.

An excerpt from Ben Hopkins from his interview on SPIN:

“Rather than writing about my experiences with other people, ‘Ugly Cherries’ is the first song I’ve ever written about myself. It’s a confrontation: an attempt to unpack my own queerness with humor and self care. I just got so fucking tired of wishing I was different so I decided to scream, ‘She’s all right’ until I actually was.”

Use the above song as inspiration for any form of creative expression (including but not limited too short stories, poems, lyrics, artwork, photography, covers, music/dance videos etc.)


If you are a musician use this as an opportunity to showcase your own work.

You have 1 week to complete this challenge.

You do not have to include the video but please mention the song/artist in your post.

When you’re done, TAG the post Music Challenge and Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie, and add your link to the Link Button. And don’t forget to link to this post or copy your post’s URL into the comments. We can read your post sooner that way.

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2 comments on “Music Prompt #41: “Ugly Cherries” by PWR BTTM

  1. julespaige
    May 7, 2016

    Just went with the fruit –
    Chew on This?

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