Photo Challenge #108

Hello friends,
I hope everyone is doing well.

Sorry that I’ve not been able to read all your entries on last week’s photo prompt. There were number of reasons. I have been really busy in office, was also feeling little unwell because of not getting enough time to rest or sleep, and my laptop’s charger ditched me right when I could’ve taken some time out this weekend. Ah, some days are just so like that. But, never mind, I’ll try to cover it all up this week.

I’m leaving you with this week’s photo. I hope it inspires you once again. I’ll catch back sooner.

Stay healthy. Stay creative.

- Albert Finch
– Albert Finch

All entries are welcomed and please tag your responses with MLMM – MindLoveMisery’s Menagerie and Photo Challenge. If you choose to use the image in your post, please direct link and credit the artist.


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