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Tale Weaver 60: Star

biopicBiopics. The film/television industry guessing game of who is going to play whom in who’s life story? (Oh, the pain; the convolutions!) O.J. Simpson, Hank Williams, Barak Obama, Ray Kroc Jr., Queens Elizabeth, Whitney Houston, Eleanor Roosevelt. Some choices have been amazing in terms of presence – Anthony Hopkins as Alfred Hitchcock and Meryl Streep as Margaret Thatcher. Others long-awaited and controversial (Michael Jackson fits into both!). Historical period pieces (Queen Elizabeth I, Marie Antoinette, ) take no less “poetic license” than “fact based” dramas on political figures.

Weave a scene (or two) from your life. Who is your Doppelganger? So, who is going to play YOU in your biopic? Big star? Rising light? Cross-over from sports/music? Someone known for comedy or pathos? Your supporting cast members are . . . ? Director? Have fun with your script and your casting! What scenes do you choose to portray? Genre – serious or serio-comic or downright slapstick. Medium – film, theatre, documentary, mockumentary?

 It’s your life, after all! So, the actual factual practical nature of movie scenes from your life is up to you. When you’re got “Scenes From My Award-Winning Biopic,” all spun and woven tight, please tag with Mindlovemisery and Tale Weaver. “Pop” back here with a ping, and a click on the MLMM red-carpet Mr. Linky, and wait for the virtual curtain to go up.

During our “study” sessions at the local tavern while I was in grad school, we played a version of the game. Which movie/television actor (and I guess now you would have to say “Television Personality”) was best suited to play you in the movie of your life. A suggestion might be put forward to vote on. This is probably TMI, too “big” a big reveal, and well – . . .  The actress most often chosen by the group to play me in my life: Cindy Williams (Shirley, not Laverne; no, I didn’t have a boyfriend named Carmine). It wasn’t that I was Shirelyish, my friends felt I was Cindyish. (Sorry Cindy). Who’d play Phylor/Taleweavering? [She just shakes her head].

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3 comments on “Tale Weaver 60: Star

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  2. julespaige
    April 7, 2016

    An interesting concept. I don’t think I would want a biopic about me out there.
    Though I have had a few doppelgangers. Starting with the old comic Mr. Magoo,
    The Doc from the old TV Lost in Space, and a few others.

    Maybe if I read a few others I might get a handle on this prompt. But so far it escapes me.

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